How Do I connect Roku to My Wireless Network

Connect Roku To My Wireless Network:

Roku can replace the cable TV and it offers a way better viewing experience. It provides you the facility to choose the channels that you want to watch. In a nutshell, if we say, it is a personalized approach to watch your favorite TV programs and movies. For setting up this device, you will need an internet connection; it may be connected to the internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. You can see our YouTube tutorial, as well as a large number of comments/tips from the satisfied users which made our channel very noticeable, so we didn’t need to buy likes and subscribers from a company like The Marketing Heaven to achieve that. In this post, we are also going to tell you about how you can connect your Roku device to a wireless network or. by using a reliable connection.

In order to connect Roku device to a wireless network for the first time, you need to follow the below steps:

  • During setup, you will need to choose Wired or wireless.  Since Roku streaming sticks do not have a wired option so you’ll have to select wireless.
  • In the condition, if you select Wireless, there are some steps to follow to connect your device to the network.
  • If you are setting up your device for the first time, it will automatically scan for the networks available within its capturing range. And you may see a list of networks available, afterward, select the network that you want to connect with. Sometimes, you won’t see your desired network in the list of the available network; in that case, you will have to choose scan again to let other networks as well.
  • In the next step, if Roku allows a network to connect in that case you’ll have to enter your network password.
  • After entering your network password, select the button ‘connect’ visible on your screen, visit If you have entered a correct password then you will get confirmation that shows your device is connected to a network and starting within a few minutes or maybe seconds sometimes.

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Once the connection process is complete, your device will search for any kind of software updates available. In that case, you’ll have to download and install those updates in order to help your Roku device to run smoothly.

If you are trying to connect your Roku device to Wi-Fi after setting-up once to twice then you need to follow the below-listed procedures:

  • Firstly, press the button showing ‘home’.
  • Then select the option ‘Settings’.
  • Afterward, select network followed by Setup Connection.
  • Select wireless because you want to connect your Roku device with a wireless network.  
  • Just wait for a second and let the Roku device search for your network.
  • Finally, enter the password of your network and keep calm and wait for your network connection.

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So, here you got to know the ways that how you can connect your Roku device to a wireless network not only for the first time but also after setting up your Roku device once or twice. By following these above-mentioned ways, you will be able to connect your Roku streaming device to a wireless network in order to get the benefits of a large number of TV programs and movies. So, if you are finding trouble in connecting your Roku device to your wireless network then these above-mentioned processes can help you.